Come fly with me…

I’ve held a pilot’s license for a couple of years, and I love flying. What I love more is introducing others to the fun of flying. Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than watching people smile and laugh as we lift off the tarmac.

To get my fix of watching happy people in planes I regularly take friends and family flying with me. We head of too various places around the South East including the Cliffs of Dover, Brighton, North Weald, Duxford and Headcorn.

I’ve taken most people in my friends, family and work network up. So now it’s time to extend the offer to a wider network online.

So here goes: If you you’d like a trip in a Cesnna 152 or Cessna 172 and you’re prepared to travel to Southend Airport drop me a line, and let’s set a flight up.

A couple of other things to keep in mind

  • A Cessna 152 can only carry two people. A Cessna 172 can carry four people. Whatever type of aircraft we use, I need to consider weight limits.  Don’t be offended if I ask you how much you weigh! It’s for our safety
  • I can’t do anything that could be commercial in its nature as I don’t have a commercial pilot’s license. This means I cannot profit from the flight. However, if you’d like to contribute a proportion of the cost or if that’s not possible buy us lunch when we reach our destination, that’s cool!
  • We’ll meet at Southend Airport, at Seawings club. You’ll need to bring some ID, like a driver’s license or passport to get through the security gate and access “airside”, aka where the planes are
  • If the weather is rubbish we might not be able to fly. Low cloud base, high winds and rain are the main things that’ll keep us on the ground. The Met Office weather reports are unreliable to say the least, so don’t trust them until we’re 24-48 hours before departure
  • Typically we’ll leave about 10am, and return to Southend about 3pm


If you’re interested drop me an e-mail to or hit me up via my Wingly Profile here.

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Outside interests

It’s been a busy year since I last posted back in mid-2014.

I no longer run my software company on a day to day basis, and now take part only at a board level. The new managing director of Atlas is ridiculously talented, so I’m free to pursue other opportunities.  This allows me to spend the majority of my time on Staff Squared, primarily around sales, marketing and product development. I’m also just about to launch a new web app called Things Click but that’s top secret for now. Hopefully I’ll be able to start making noises about Things Click in the next few weeks once the prototype is complete.

With my newfound freedom I’m free to pursue more extra curricular activities . So recently I’ve decided to turn my hand to flying a plane, specifically obtaining a private pilots license. I’ve always been a plane geek, I love the fact that it was only in 1903 that humans discovered the ability to fly and we’ve achieved so much with this new science and technology in such a short space of time. My ambition is to get my pilots license, and then an instructors rating so I can teach others how to fly. I took a big step towards this on the 21st July in performing my first solo flight without an instructor, in other words there was no Plan B, and I loved it. I’ve since racked up one and a half hours of solo flying time and I can’t wait to add more. Nifty plaque from my flying club to celebrate:



With a bit more spare time than usual, I’m keen to update this blog a tad more frequently than once a year! I plan to document the launch of Things Click, buying an apartment in Barcelona, and the remainder of my pilots license training.

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